visual diary.

found a dutchman in china


kempten editorial fotograf


industrie fotograf allgäu reportage

b e a s t m o d e

fashion editorial fotografie münchen allgäu

H u b e r t


this is me.

thanks anatomy films for publishing my series »ordinary japan«.

the glamour of the asian »las vegas«. macao

fashion photographer germany still life


motivated. tokyo, japan

where my earth at?

a part of my series »ordinary japan« on an art blog for contemporary landscape photography.

the »forggensee« without water.

tearsheets / föll rohstoffhandel gmbh, industrial photography documenting the workers and the daily business of a commodity trading company.

A woman came up to me while I took this picture. She said: »why are you taking pictures of this?« And I said, i don't know. so she said: »go take pictures of beautiful things!«

empty inside.

private space. haifa, israel.

??? hiroshima, japan

it is a weird world. zugspitze, germany.

office plant.

s u n

old lady. haifa, israel.

firefigthers. nyc.



k i n g

on the way to »grosser daumen«. trying to escape the fog. but in the end they lost the run.

everytime i walk up the stairs to my flat, this makes me smile.

handling the heat / Yerusalem, israel


over the smog. top of taishan, china.

patiently. tel aviv, israel


International snow and ice festival in harbin is such a surreal place. harbin, china


G a n g

the one and only. HK


becoming baristas / Melanie & rebecca

sanaa. nyc.

red carpet on bonnet. haifa, israel.

safe. hiroshima, japan.

bye bye

early photographs of my series »randnotiz« in the hallway.

Lineacorpi Möbel Fotografie Interior Editorial

Tearsheets / Editorial photography for lineacorpi möbelmanufaktur a.k.a. friends who build furniture

p o m p

citylights. Shanghai, china

Editorial Reportage Fotografie Kempten

after dark in Koya San, Japan

Fotografie Kempten Allgäu Reportage

Chasing pigeons in Beijing / China

signed cactuses in the garden of yves saint laurent. Jardin Majorelle, marrakesh, morocco

Fotografie Kempten Allgäu

some of the more than 3000 terracotta warriors. xi'an / china